Message of Metatron – taken from Facebook – Hilda van der Laan

Illuminations Now!!

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Angelic of Light ! I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service ! We greet each of you warmly, knowingly, in a vector of unconditional love!

It is 2017, Year Five of the New Earth, for indeed the New Earth is logically and factually, frequencially formulated at the finale of 2012 and began in your linear aspect of 2013. And so do we measure and so do we count in symbiotic consideration of the ‘Crystalline’ transformation and aspectual activation of the 144 Crystalline Grid.

Dear Ones, you are in an amazing time of shift. Within each year are powerful astronomical events which add astonishing energies of shift, furthering the transition of the planet, and in kind influencing humanity. In August begins a tremendous series of such occurrences. This will include the mega tandem eclipses of August, the September equinox, 7…

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Message of Metatron – taken from Facebook – Hilda van der Laan

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