Energy for one world.

Our Invitation- Year 2017 and Beyond

Specially written for the UN Sustainable Development Agenda

“Every Country and Every Organization in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the human, social, economic and sustainable development to all”.

– Adriaan Kamp, 2016-

Year 2015 has been a Pivot Year in the international order.

First of all, and at the end of 2015, we have seen and witnessed the Climate Change agreement in Paris.

Secondly, and in September of 2015, the UN has agreed and embarked on a ground-breaking program of capacity and capability building in the realms of Sustainable Development.

Thirdly, and not the least, Pope Francis published his encyclical Laudato Si – with his call to humanity to better care for our Common Home, Creation and the dignity and respect for every human being.

In all of the above – Stewardship over these transformational programs- in a global, local- government, business and societal setting- is a new (integrated) leadership role to learn.

Only by an open and honest dialogue, enquiry and conversations between ourselves- on said subjects – can we expect to see ourselves on the better ways:

Improving Lives. Making the world a little better place of Peace and All Good.

“Every Company and Every Energy Architecture in this world can be improved upon in order to raise theavailability, affordability and sustainability of energy to all”.- Adriaan Kamp, 2015

 Years 2015-2016 have been a Pivot Year in Energy Land

In very simple terms- one could state that the Energy Sector – and over the coming 15-30 years has the following three objectives:

  • Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Implement the Paris Agreement.
  • Provide Energy to our Societies.

So the Theme for Year 2017 is simple:

How can we organize and converse ourselves in order to support and achieve the above objectives?

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Energy for one world.

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