Consciousness – The Universal Essence

Satori Rei

As we exist, we are Consciousness. Anything that exists was conceived by Consciousness. What is Consciousness? What is the Creator? These are one and the same question.

Every time a new definition of Consciousness comes up, it only complements all the others. The Universe is consciousness, the “physical”, the etheric, the imaginary, space, time, Life, everything. There are as many definitions as there are manifestations, infinite! It is experience, learning, interaction, knowledge of self and others. It is self-intelligent, it reinvents itself and creates everything else. It is energy, the Singularity, and the Void that precedes and surrounds it. It is the Source.

Not created and never destroyed, it transforms into any state it can imagine. Physical matter can be an illusion of perception, but the Source, Consciousness, is as real as our thought and imagination. We can only grasp some superficial levels of understanding, the event horizon, as we…

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Consciousness – The Universal Essence

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