Eliza: Release

Blue Dragon Journal

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Eliza: Release

When something or someone seems to be preventing your dreams from manifesting, look within to see the connection with something as yet not cleared, released or accepted.  That is what I have been compelled to do this day.

This past week, I’ve been very quiet, unable to write or concentrate, as packing up my household (what’s left of it) has managed to trigger a huge amount of anxiety for me. Some days, I’ve been unable to move, unable to accomplish much of anything. My friend, Maria, picked up on this anxiety and because it affects her as much as it does me, asked that I search deep to find the source.

And I found it, in the aspect I spent as a Native American upon lands nearby where I have been living for nearly eight years now. Since “past” lives are actually being played out simultaneously in the…

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Eliza: Release

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