False light: the pitfalls of false spirituality

The Company of Spirits

In the spiritual world there has always been a part that operates under the guise of spirituality, but in reality cannot be called truly spiritual because it denies and undermines the autonomy, growth, and self-worth of people rather than building them up. This part might be called ‘false light’, or false spirituality.

False spirituality

False spirituality is any form of spirituality that promises growth, happiness and healing but rather dis-empowers people and robs them of worth and autonomy. It is of all ages and times, and can be found in all belief systems and religions: from churches to temples, from spiritual centers, websites and practices.

It is a great challenge of these times for people who long for consciousness growth to know the distinction between true, authentic spirituality that empowers and liberates, and false spirituality that ultimately wants to keep people dependent and powerless.

When you get lost in the…

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False light: the pitfalls of false spirituality

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