Kp Message 1-17-16… “There Are Times…”

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150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_34Yes, that’s the title. Today, after (I believe) 3 posts, my steam has run out. And nothing more seems to want to flow. Except, now, this writing.

There are times like this for all, I’m sure, when nothing seems like it’s moving, or progressing, or showing results. But for sure, there are happenings on the planet. And around the planet. And within the planet. And within each one of us.

It may be that some of us have “advanced” in consciousness, awareness, to a point where all this “news” others put out there as “new”, seems not so “new” to us. There are levels of progression, and I know that the level I was in (on) one year ago, seems like Kindergarten compared to the level I am in (on) now.

Expansion continues with no abatement. I’m sure as willingness to expand grows, so does the expansion. There’s times when…

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Kp Message 1-17-16… “There Are Times…”

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